Kiwamiya’s Attention to Detail

We run our business everyday serving the best
Imari-beef and Japanese Black Wagyu with the motto:
delicious, affordable, and enjoyable.

Kiwamiya was founded in 2001 by Kazuyuki Matsuo as a small yakiniku restaurant in Nishijin, a residential area in Fukuoka. We have expanded, opening locations in Fukuoka, Osaka, and Tokyo, and now serve not only yakiniku, but also Hamburg steak and motsunabe.

We believe that our mission is to provide delicious food at reasonable prices. This is especially evident in our choice of Japanese black beef. We use hand-picked Imari beef, a local product of Kyushu.

Ever since we opened our first shop to this very day, we travel to Imari every week to purchase our beef directly from the ranchers, and we continually strive to improve our knowledge about our product, in order to bring you the highest quality for the lowest cost.

[Passion for our Food and Ingredients]

We pay attention to the details to make the meat we serve as delicious as possible. We are committed to providing you with the most delicious meat, so the serving sauce, which uses nearly ten different types of soy sauce, is also very important to us. We spend a lot of time and effort in product development.

In order to really enjoy beef, you can’t forget the rice. Our rice is bought directly from farmers in Saga. In order to make sure that our customers get the freshest rice, we purchase freshly polished rice twice a week.

[Passion for our Restaurants Atmosphere]

Our restaurants are designed to have an atmosphere for the general public, creating a place where many people can visit comfortably. At Kiwamiya, we don’t want a stuffy formal atmosphere. Instead, we strive to have a lively, friendly atmosphere full of smiles, where we can hear our customers say things like, “That was delicious”, “We had a great time”, and “I feel so much better now”!

[Kiwamiya’s Desire]

At Kiwamiya, our management philosophy is “Smile, and you will meet smiles”. Our staff serves delicious food with a heartfelt smile, and our customers smile in return. Those smiles go on to make others around us smile as well.

We are waiting to serve you at Kiwamiya, the place where smiles are born!

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